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Yahoo! IM: Easter Egg or Hack?

While instant messaging with my mom yesterday I noticed a funny thing in the chat window: where it normally says "[Mom] is typing..." it said "[Mom] has been struck by the muse..."

Weird, right? I Googled it but found nothing. Wasn't sure if (a) Yahoo was playing tricks - like its random subject line generator, (b) Mom's machine had a virus, or (c) I simply imagined it.

Well, today I was IM'ing with my friend Tom and got three of these mysterious messages:

  • "1000 monkeys just landed on [Tom's] keyboard..."
  • "I hope you're sitting down because [Tom] is typing..."

I was able to get a screengrab of one (below; click to enlarge) but it's still a mystery as to whether this is Yahoo! playing games, or a hacker playing games on Yahoo! Anyone else seen it?


UPDATE: apparently other folks  have witnessed these bizarre messages as well, judging from the Google search in my referring URLs.   



Hi, Pam - if you're using the latest version of Y! Mail with integrated IM, you should see it (I don't think you'll see it in the older, stand alone version of IM).


How can I get this on my Yahoo Messenger?


GDM: it's just the Yahoo! developers having a little fun with us. No worries.


so no one knows what or how this happeneds??? its happening to me now??


@Robyn and @Wayne - thanks for stopping by! Wayne, it's not a virus - just Yahoo! developers having some fun with us :)


@Robyn and @Wayne - thanks for stopping by! Wayne, it's not a virus - just Yahoo! developers having some fun with us :)


it does depend on the speed or length of the massage if ur typing a long message it will say things like [username] is about to drop knowledge. and if ur typing really fast it sayds things like 1000 monkeys just landed on [username]'s keybaord. if ur typing really slow it says thinks like [username] is chewing bublegum and typing at the same time or should really learn to type with more than two fingers. and others are just random like i hope ur sitting down because[username] is typing and STAND BY FOR MESSAGE FROM [USERNAME].

Wayne Studard

I was just chatting with someone who said she got "1000 monkeys just landed on Wayne's keyboard. Soon after it would show I was typing but my messages weren't coming through. This has been happening a lot lately. Is it a virus???? If anyone knows please write me at drivebysurfer@yahoo,com


OMG!!! I was looking this whole situation up on yahoo and found ur entry. One day I asked my friend Ashley: "How the hell did you just do that?"

-"What" she says

Me - "Ur thing that says 'Ashley is typing' just said 'Ashley is typing and chewing bubble gum' "

She told me I imagined it. So today, I just saw that "1000 monkeys" message while I was talking to my other friend and I screen caped it. I then saw 2 more messages. And here I am... @ ur page trying to get some details. Just wanted to say no ur not nuts and if you find out what it is PLEASE inform me. Cuz i'm super curious.


I'm SO glad that someone else is experiencing those freaky messages on Yahoo!
Does anyone have an explanation? It's driving us CRAZY!!!!

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