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Social Bookmarking Chiclets

When I logged into my Netvibes home page last week to read the news, I was surprised to see a new set of social bookmarking chiclets within each feed (click to enlarge):


Chiclets are the all-too-familiar icons that appear below most online articles: Digg It, Add to, etc. They allow readers to bookmark, share, and syndicate the original article, thereby increasing its readership (which is why they have become the darlings of the online publishing world - it's called social media optimization).

But the Netvibes folks (or is it Reuters, originator of the feed? I'm not certain) elected to forgo the most common chiclets and replace them with the Netscape/Facebook/Outside.In/StumbleUpon collection you see above.

Now, Facebook is wildly popular, and StumbleUpon is becoming more so; I get the addition of those two. And Outside.In is more evidence of interest in the convergence of the virtual and physical worlds. But Netscape? I'm not sure what promped that add.

But it looks like Netvibes is just experimenting with which chiclets get more action. When I logged in today, it had returned to the familiar/popular set (below), but again showed the new set upon page refresh. I'd be curious see their findings - especially a breakdown of usage across services.

Chiclets_4 I included the AddThis button on my own site (top left, under "Subscribe") since it aggregates multiple (34 at last count) social bookmarking services in one place, rather than listing all of them individually. 


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