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Summer Farmstands

Produce_2 I love visiting farm stands in the summer time - especially since I've been on a fresh fruits and vegetables kick. The fresh produce and baked goods are so much better than what you find at the local grocery.

I've mentioned Goudreault Farm before, but I now have a new option for healthy food shopping. Read on...Farmstand_2

On Tuesdays and Fridays from May through November, there is a farmers market in Copley Square, Boston. A variety of stands range the perimeter of the open park area, selling  everything from fruits, vegetables and herbs to fresh baked breads, muffins, and cookies.

Organic_2 I stopped off yesterday at the stand for Atlas Farm where I picked up some patty pan squash, tri-color carrots (yes - red, yellow, and orange!) and a bunch of wildflowers. Next week, I'm going back for the red & yellow beets.

I also picked up a small loaf of homemade pumpkin streusel bread, compliments of Cook's Orchard, and some raisin pecan toasts from Iggy's Breads (I actually waited in the long line to get my fix of parmesan toast, but they had run out!).

Veggies_2 Today, I went to the lovely Wilson Farm in Lexington - a large, working farm that has a tremendous array of products, including dairy and meats. In addition to some more vegetables (corn, green beans, salad), I bought a delicious herbed chicken breast with honey roasted parsnips and apple, and some rugelach for dessert, from Bavarian Baked Goods in Sterling, MA.


EJ Schmidt

If you are in to this, check out Marshall Farms and Verril in Concord, MA - Enjoy


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