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Chemical_brothers_2 In anticipation of their new album, the Chemical Brothers have launched a  new website (built by digital agency 3ev) that allows fans to interact with the band as they tour the globe.

While the layout and navigation is quirky at times, they do a really nice job of integrating social computing principles into the experience.

Fans can access an abundance of information on the band, including over 200 tracks, web-only remixes, and commentary from the band members. A Google map application shows upcoming tour locations and provides tags for each gig so that fans can upload their own footage to YouTube and Flickr and have it appear on the site: Chemical_brothers_london_2
I really like the idea of the Chem Text service which displays fans' SMS messages right on the site, but I couldn't figure out how to text in my own message (perhaps they only publish the short code at the concerts? They should really make it available to all...). Chem_text_2

And of course they provide all the requisite social computing tags (digg it, add to, technorati, newsvine...).


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