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Twitter Addiction

OK, so I can see how Twitter is addictive.

John Edwards posting from the campaign trail.

Steve Jobs thinking about dinner options and soliciting feedback on the iPhone.

[A faux] Condoleeza Rice joking about G.W. (hilarious).

But here's the cool thing: it's making it even easier to bridge the divide between the online and offline worlds. I just got the following email from them:

Hey-o, Twitter-ers!

We're getting ready for SXSW! Are you? If you're heading to Austin, please join us. Text JOIN SXSW to 40404 from your mobile phone and your updates will be displayed on the high definition plasma displays in the hallways of the Austin Convention Center. You'll also get automatically connected to other conference attendees. It's going to be fun!

How cool is that? I'll grab a pic of the boards when I'm down there and post them here.




Hi, Got here from the WebInno attendee list. I'm similarly fascinated with Twitter. I blogged about experiencing SXSW "vi-twitter-ously".
Hope to see you at WebInno.


Hmmm, well that SXSW group page is fancy indeed -- but I imagine it was made b/c the creators of Twitter are at SXSW showing off for other Twitter-prone people. I'm already wondering how useful Twitter can be when I can't search for friends in any useful way, and the hoi polloi need to mash it up with Yahoo Pipes to create a custom group.

But I've been wrong before.


Yes, similar really to the entire AIM application (not just away message) except that you can chat in real time and broadcast it to the public via the Twitter site, SMS, or RSS feed. So it's taking IM out of the IM client.

BTW - it's phenomenal for an event like SXSW where a bunch of people with similar interests are converging on a location and looking to meet up. But I'll likely have to unplug after this weekend - just too much chatter on my cellphone!


Hey Steph -
I see Twitter as basically AIM away messages, except this is more communal I suppose. In college we would always leave away messages like, "Studying at the library, hit me up if you want to join" or our cell numbers. Funny how these days people are more interested in the whereabouts/thoughts of people that they don't know. Stalking keeps getting easier :)

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