SXSW Day 1
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SXSW Wrap Up

It is the eve of the last day of South by Southwest Interactive, but for me the show has already ended (I'm flying out in the morning).

It was a fun but tiring weekend. Not unlike Spring Break, with the warm weather, energetic crowd, and seemingly endless nightlife.

And in the spirit of new media, it was a truly user-generated event - everything from the panel-picker application (through which attendees determined the panel line-up), to the Big Bags (created by designer Chuck Anderson and delivered with a Sharpie marker so *you* do the coloring), and the incessant Twittering (which provided a non-stop feed of who was doing what).

Tonight also marks the end of my Twitter experiment; it was fun while it lasted, keeping me abreast of all the parties (5 a night!) and celebrity sightings (Luke Wilson, David Boreanaz), but is really too disruptive for ongoing usage (IMO).

Below are all of the sessions I attended; I'm not going to publish notes on each (as it's been done in numerous places already). Those who want more info can access summary info and podcasts on the SXSW site, as well as SXSW Baby (community weblog) and Conferenceer (social networking site for attendees/enthusiasts).

Phew...I think that's it.



Great finally meeting you! I'm off Twitter, too... see you in the blogosphere. :) Let me know if you're down in NYC.

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