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Sunsilk Color Showdown

Brun_team_2 I love the new Color Showdown campaign from Sunsilk. Nice recovery from their recent Bridezilla/YouTube blunder.

In this campaign, they take age-old haircolor stereotypes (e.g., brunettes are smarter than blondes), add biting copy, and pit the blondes vs. brunettes in a series of television spots that are just hilarious. Here's a sample:

And the accompanying rich media website is full of games, jokes, wallpapers, MySpace enhancements, and ad clips all designed to keep the battle brewing and foster word of mouth.

There are of course some naysayers - the red- and black-haired women who feel left out, and everyone else who asks, "can't we all just get along?" But please, all of this is meant to be comical...and it is. So just enjoy it.

And go brunettes!



Yes; quite observant of you, Courtney!

And in honor of those jeans (and moms everywhere):


The blonde girl on their site has mom jeans on.

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