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Hooray for Female Bloggers

Thanks to Charlie O'Donnell for (1) highlighting International Women's Day and (2) including me in his list of favorite female bloggers.

Now it's my turn (in no particular order):

  • Amber MacArthur - a profilic blogger and podcaster (I *love* net@night with Leo Laporte), she's always on the bleeeding edge of tech news 
  • Heather & Jessica at GoFugYourself - hilarous commentary on unflattering photos of celebrities who have crossed the line from ugly to "fugly"
  • The ladies at Shiny Shiny who keep me up to date on the latest gadgets for girls
  • Heidi & Lara from, who also blog on iVillage and make it girls night out every day of the week (their tagline)
  • Ryan B - a fellow agency pal who is a gifted writer and overall fun gal (as evidenced by her MTV Real World try-out video)

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