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Genie Pants

Mchammer NO WAY.

The genie pants that MCHammer made (in)famous in the 80s are making a comeback.

I think Marc Jacobs was the first to horrify by unveiling his line of billowy short pants on the catwalk last Fall, and again at Fashion Week earlier this month (where even the skinniest of models look pear-shaped in these things).Marc_jacobs

Now I see that the Victoria's Secret catalogue has unveiled genie pants for the masses:

Please, someone put this genie back in the bottle!


combat work trousers

A genie wearing an Arab costume will often be seen wearing a vest, a turban, pantaloons and a pair of knitted shoes.With a tailored styling, these pants are great paired with anything from a delicate chemise to a casual, rolled-sleeve blazer.


Good for you, Sandra! You know, I posted this about 2.5 years ago, and people are STILL coming to my site after searching for info on genie pants. I guess they really are popular!

sandra b

I actually tried a pair today the are very comfortable and still a little scared to buy them thou,imma give it some more


just was in spain and i bought a pair for 10 euro just for kicks now i love them any idea where i could get cheap ones like that maybe online?


I thought they would be unflattering but they actually are quite slimming. I bought a pair yesterday and they look great, plus they are so comfy!! Go geenie Go!


I kinda like them. I know they aren't flattering but I enjoy their exotic shape and they're comfy :-)


I rocked these like no other - in 2nd grade my arch nemesis/best friend and me actually competed on who had the best pair!

Fashion Industry Ceo

I hope their not making a comeback!

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