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4As: Marc Goldstein

4As: Day One

After some delay (2 hours on the runway at Logan while the flight crew worked out a "mechanical problem"), we finally arrived in Las Vegas this afternoon for the 4As Media Conference. Much to our surprise, it was a bit chilly and there were snow flurries when we landed!

Venetian But everything was warm and sunny inside the grandiose Venetian Hotel, our headquarters for the remainder of the week,which is attached to the event location, the Sands Expo. Although I've been to Vegas numerous times, this is my first time staying at the Venetian, and wow - it is enormous. Every room is a suite complete with bedroom and sitting area/office (I even have my own FAX machine in my room so I can relive the 80s!), and mine overlooks a lovely courtyard and pool. There's even a Canyon Ranch outpost here!

Besides gambling, eating is big business here. The hotel is home to 18 restaurants; all look delicious, but we settled on an Italian (what else?) spot Gondola called Canaletto to grab a late lunch after a long morning/afternoon. It is surrounded by the Venetian's famed canal, complete with gondolas, and numerous street performers (all indoors, mind you). As an aside, I compelled to share this  factoid: all the  items in the room's mini bar are equipped with sensors, so you get charged for them even if just pick them up! You touch it, you own it. Unreal.

Now, after a bit of work, I'm headed back out to check out the exhibit hall for the show and attend the opening reception. Later, we're headed to the Wall Street Journal event at Tao Nightclub where I'll be on high alert for celebrity sightings. Although it will be hard to top that Alan Thicke sighting at Mandalay Beach Club last fall :)

More on the media and marketing front tomorrow...


Will Waugh

Alan Thicke? That is star power.

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