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Soulcowboys present +Remedy

If you're in Boston this Saturday night, and looking to hear some great house music, then head on over to The Good Life on Kingston Street around 10pm and check out +Remedy.

The night is hosted by Soulcowboys, a collective of local DJs including Marc Grooves, Echo (a/k/a Chris DeOrio), Matius, Bee Coy, and John Davis that got together to promote good house music nights in the city. Each has a slightly different style, but the music is more soulful, R&B, and jazz-influenced than progressive house music.

And in addition to playing good music, they bring together an eclectic and fun group of people. At this event they've also teamed up with Walt Zink to collect Toys for Tots and donations for the Salvation Army, so bring a gift if you can!



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