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Here's an update to yesterday's post:

True to their word, the good folks over at Ziki have set up a paid search campaign for my name on my behalf. You will now see a paid placement for my Ziki profile when you search on my name on Google and Yahoo! (see sponsored links from the Google page, below; let's pretend eBay isn't advertising "Stephanie Rogers for less!").

It's neat, but I wonder if they will ultimately allow members to customize the ad copy so that it is more unique/compelling. It does present an interesting strategy for brands that want to aggregate multiple content sources and have one more search-friendly site available to help them in the rankings.



andre taliercio

Right on. The answer is YES.
Q1 2007 we will introduce an interface that will allow you craft and customize your own advertising campaigns, like a pro, without having to pay an ad agency to do the job.
You will set your own budget and create your own messages.
Ziki team

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