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Holiday Greetings

At this time of year, it's always fun to see the holiday e-cards various marketers and their agencies come up with (usually in an effort to outdo one another and hope that their cards go viral.). It's one "deliverable" that virtually guarantees creative freedom...and a lot of fun.

And while I enjoy looking at them (see the Leo Burnett/Millions of Us/Second Life/Run DMC jam), the holiday greeting that really grabbed my attention this year was a simple one from American Express:

Amex Yes - it's an old-fashioned, paper card. But it's so simple and on-brand, I find it elegant.

There's no hard sell, no call to action (outside of enjoying the holiday), and it's not even personalized (but let's face it, the database-driven "Dear STEPHANIE" messages don't really feel that personal).

Just a simple thank you and best wishes for the new year. And it works.



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