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The 'net is littered with my profile. Friendster. LinkedIn. Ziki. MySpace. Ryze. The list goes on.

I'm fascinated by social networking, so I tend to experiment with new sites as they pop up. But it's gotten to the point where I don't have the energy to create yet another profile.

And I've been saying for awhile that if someone could create an app that would allow me to update once, publish multiple times, that would be the killer app.

Well, the good folks over at AdRants reported back from AdTech New York today about a start-up called Minggl (LOVE the name) that provides a browser toolbar which brings together all of your social networking sites and allows you to edit and share them in one place.

The site seems to be password protected right now (despite the claim from creator Dewey Gaedcke that more info is available at so I haven't seen it yet for myself, but I'm anxious to use it!



Hi there Stephanie - I posted my first review of Minggl at if you're interested in reading. I'm also looking forward to a successful aggregator that will combine a number of profiles and I hope this is it :)

Dave Evans

Just a quick comment that the website ( is indeed open. We are just now sending invitations to poeple who request them for a preview.

I dropped Steve a note (at AdRants) to let him know about the link to MiNGGL from AdRants. Thank you for the nice post and your interest--we appreciate that and would be happy to send you an invitation.

Dave Evans,

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