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Reputation Defender, Like.com, and HGTV

Random assortment of things that piqued my interest today:

SearchViews reviews a new service Reputation Defender that aims to seek out and destroy personal information on the Web. Given the popularity of Googling potential new hires, roommates, dates, etc., this service could see some success. It's currently aimed at individuals and parents of minors; it'll be interesting to see if & when business attempt to control their online reputations in this manner.

Facial recognition search engine Riya has launched a new offering dubbed Like.com that takes both text and image queries to return (allegedly) similar results. If for example, you covet the blouse your favorite celeb is wearing in a photo on the Web, the "likeness search" feature will return items that look similar. Alternatively, you can search for products by text descriptors, like "black turtleneck." Not sure the text search is ready for prime time, though...a query for "denim skirt" returned 205 results - all shoes, and only a few denim!

HGTV.com has integrated the mobile channel nicely into their online content offering: do-it-yourselfers who watch how-to videos on their site can now have project shopping lists texted to the phones, so they are readily available when they make a trip to the home improvement store. Good example of branded utility.


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