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Thank *You*, Cole Haan

On this, the largest shopping day of the year, I want to highlight one particular retailer who's doing it right.

I visited the Cole Haan store on Newbury Street recently and purchased a lovely pair of shoes. While trying them on, I had casually mentioned to the sales woman that they would look particularly nice with a certain dress I own. I proceeded to pay for the shoes and left the store.

Soon thereafter I received a postcard in the mail from that very saleswoman. It said, "Stephanie, Thank you for shopping with us...I hope the shoes worked well with the dress. Let me know if there's anything else I can do."

Cole_haan Such a simple gesture, with such a big impact.

I received a similar note from the Coach store in Copley Place when I purchased an item there earlier in the year.

I have to hand it to these big, so-called masstige retailers that have been able to deliver quality goods on a mass scale and still maintain a personal touch.

For a 30-second investment at the register, plus the cost of postage, they made a positive brand impact and generated true word of mouth.

And ok, fine...I'll come back and buy more things soon (like they really needed to send the postcard for that to happen!)


paul isakson

good call. this is huge. i have had the same experience with the Hugo Boss store here in Denver. the little details go a long way.


I had the same great experience with the Coach store in Copley - a nice personalized postcard thanking me for my purchase. The little note was obviously not just a generic blurb - she commented on what I was specifically looking for. It makes a difference! :)

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