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Stephane Pompougnac

One of my favorite musicians is Stephane Pompougnac, the resident DJ at Hotel Costes in Paris. In fact, Pompougnac gained international fame for his compilation series of house/lounge music cds he mixed under the title of Hotel Costes.

And while I've had the pleasure of visiting the hotel in Paris, tonight I got to see - and meet - Pompougnac on my home turf, as he was the guest DJ at Match Burgers and Martinis on Mass Ave.


I'm still a bit surprised that Match secured a DJ of Pompougnac's stature, but it was in honor of their first anniversary, and proved to be a great venue to hear and see him perform. I had made a dinner reservation a week ago and got to enjoy the show from a seat in the dining room, while the small bar area was really crowded (and a line of people snaked down the street waiting to get in).


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