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Stephane Pompougnac

The Multitaskers

[this post originally appeared on the PARTNERS+simons blog]

AdAge today posted findings from Yahoo! and OMD's Advertising Week research presentation on the modern family's media consumption and buying habits.

The highlights:

  • People on average pack 43 hours worth of activity into a typical day. On a global scale, 8.7 of those hours are spent with media; Americans spend the most time with media at 9.5 hours.
  • In the U.S., the average family has 11 technological devices. Globally, the average internet household has 2.4 TVs, two computers and 6.3 "other" devices, which could include digital cameras, GPS devices or DVRs.
  • The U.S. lags in DVR and MP3 use. MP3s are most highly used in China, at 72%, and Korea, at 73%. DVR use is highest in Mexico and the U.K. at 42%.
  • South Korea lags in e-mail use, primarily because blogging is so popular that many people communicate through messages in blogs.
  • Some 16% of adults say communication with their children has improved, thanks to instant messaging.


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