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NYC Nightlife

I visited a bunch of great nightspots in NYC last weekend (natch). Here's the official post on the apologies for the gobbledygook that sat in this space all week: I wrote some notes to myself and published them by accident. So amateur of me!

First stop was The Mercer Kitchen, the subterranean dining room at its namesake hotel. Mercer2 It's a casual spot that is able to maintain a swank feel despite the communal tables and open kitchen floorplan. The restaurant is another creation from world-renknowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and serves "American-Provencal" fare; I enjoyed a beet and goat cheese salad, followed by a steak and asparagus entree, topped off with lemon meringue pie. Magnifique!

(Plus, you have to love a place that plays music from Stephan Pompougnac/Hotel Costes on its website. Stephan is making an appearance in Boston later this month, but I'll leave that for another post...)

For stunning views of the NYC skyline, visit the newish nightclub 230 Fifth. While the indoor decor is a little 80s-cheesy, and the music leaves much to be desired, the 14,000 square foot rooftop lounge is a sight to be seen (and seen at):

230_fifth_3 230_parkFor a livelier spot, head over to Sway, a dark, Moroccan-themed lounge with a killer DJ spinning high-energy Top 40 and dance music (at least he did that night).


Or, for a more laid-back evening, visit Employees Only, a bar in the West Village that has a speakeasy feel to it: you walk past a palm reader out front and through velvet (?) curtains into a dark, back-lit lounge area.

There were a few other stops in my jam-packed 4-day weekend in the Big Apple, but those were the highlights. For the nightlife, anyway...the real highlight will appear in the next post...


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