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Fox News 10th Anniversary

You may not have heard, but today was Fox News Day in Boston, in honor of the network's 10th anniversary, which they're celebrating with a roadshow across the country.Bill_oreilly_001

Today's festivities included a live taping of The O'Reilly Factor in Fanueil Hall, with Bill O'Reilly himself and special guest Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. O'Reilly was particularly excited to be taping here, since he attended Boston University and Harvard and did some early broadcast work here in town.
The taping was followed by a cocktail reception at Plaza III Steakhouse, where Bill, Mitt (and his wife) and NewsCenter 5's Susan Wornick all made appearances.

Check it out: Steph_and_bill_2



I thought Gov. Romney did an excellent job! I liked the "Blank You" exchange, esp since Gov. Romney has an "aw shucks" type vibe.

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