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Increasing shift towards analytics

[this post originally appeared on the PARTNERS+simons blog]

In yet another example of the growing trend towards more targeted and trackable marketing programs, Epsilon Interactive has published findings from its recent B2B Marketing Report. The survey of 175 majore marketers yielded the following highlights (as noted in 1to1Media):

  • 79% of marketing leaders report they are decreasing mass marketing budgets in favor of more targeted efforts.
  • 98% of marketing leaders report that leveraging customer data is increasingly important to their organizations.
  • 59% of marketing leaders plan to use Web analytics in the coming year to better target customers.
  • Nearly 50% are using data analytics to inform loyalty programs and the rewards derived from them.

While few would question the rationale behind highly targeted marketing programs, putting them into market requires the patience to dissect your audience data to understand their unique needs and media consumption habits, and the diligence to repeatedly test, measure, and optimize your programs over time.

The good news is that today's marketing technology platforms can help support development of these types of targeted programs, and the customer insights and unique creative development they yield can be invaluable.


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