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Steph_lauren_pond_1 I visited a fabulous spot in Plaistow, NH, over the weekend: Goudreault Farm & Greenhouse, owned and operated by Goudreault family (Richard and Lucine, with their daughter, Deborah), who have been farming in New England for about forty years.

The one-time dairy farm with a small vegetable stand is now a sizable greenhouse operation offering annuals, perennials, and a variety of vegetables from tomatoes and hot peppers to cucumbers and sweet corn. They also have an assortment of local jams and spreads, hand-made pottery, garden fixtures, and antique farming tools for sale.

The best part of the trip (aside from the delicious corn-on-the-cob) was the beautifully landscaped gardens and the farm animals. The flowers and lily pond (complete with goldfish) were beautiful, and the animal menagerie (horses, cows, chickens, plus a sheep, a goat, a bunny, and a Bassett Hound) was a hoot.

The pot-bellied goat was my favorite: he came running out to greet us and bleated desperately in hopes we'd drop one of our fresh corn cobs!

Shawn took a bunch of great pictures...be sure to check them out.

Goudreault Farm and Greenhouse is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is located at 82 Newton Road, Route 108, Plaistow, NH. 


Christine and Michele Goudreault


You have a beautiful farm! My sister and I were just on the net and wanted to see what we could find if we entered our last name. We found your site. Our Dad, William, is from Haverhill Mass. Our grandfather is Thomas Goudreault. He had several Brothers and sisters. One was Leonel I think.
Anyway, We rarely see our name anywhere. It is possible we are related!
We've been thinking about looking up our family tree. We live in Prescott, Arizona
Write anytime if you like.
Michele and Christine Goudreault

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