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Sephora leaves a mark

[originally posted on the PARTNERS+simons blog]

AdAge points out a unique campaign from beauty retailer Sephora, which has seeded New York street vendors with paper cups that look like they've already been used!

Each cup includes red lipstick marks on the lip, designed to capture your attention long enough to see the branding and new store opening message on the cup itself. Hopefully they also considered adding a drive-to-retail component (e.g., a coupon or discount imprinted on the cup as well).

SephoraSome think the "ick" factor isn't good for the brand, or that the tactic itself is off-brand because Sephora's mission is to "make things beautiful."

I think it generated attention, which was what Sephora was seeking. And they did it in a sassy way, which I think is very much on brand.

What do you think?


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