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DM News Essential Guide to SEM

Search engines continue to be a hot topic in marketing circles for three reasons:

  • their popularity: search engines are still one of the most common starting points for consumers looking for new information, products, and services
  • their cost effectiveness: because you're getting your brand name in front of the folks actively seeking out what you have to offer, conversion rates and ROI tend to be better than with other channels
  • their elusiveness: the algorithms search engines use for displaying natural search rankings and the advertising opportunities available through paid search marketing continually change, meaning marketers need to keep tweaking their strategies

Dm_news_sem_1 To shed some light on new and successful methods for search engine marketing, DM News has released a 60-page supplement to their June 26th issue, titled The Essential Guide to Search Engine Marketing. It's full of insights from search engine marketing firms, agencies, and clients, ranging from basic articles on SEO and SEM to more advanced topics like the impact of emerging technologies.

The full guide may be downloaded here; be sure to check out my article on page 30, Using Blogs to Improve Search Engine Rankings, and let me know what you think!

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