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50 People Who Matter Now

Business 2.0 has in interesting article in which it names the 50 People Who Matter Now...or, the most influential people changing the face of business today. They were selected not based on wealth or fame (although many of them qualify on both counts), but for bringing new products, services and ideas to market that are drastically changing the business landscape. As the magazine puts it, they are "those who are reshaping our future by inventing important new technologies, exploiting emerging opportunities, or throwing their weight around in ways that are sure to make everyone else take notice."

Not surprisingly, the list is full of so-called "new economy" executives, like those from Google, Flickr, Brightcove, and 37signals. But the winner of first place is the biggest indicator of the face of business today: consumers are in control like never before.

Below are the top 10 on the list; read about the rest here.

50_who_matter_1PS: Business 2.0 also boldly named the 10 People Who Don't Matter...a list of wealthy & famous executives who - the magazine thinks - are past their prime.


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