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There is a neighborhood near mine in which I love to walk, because it is populated with gorgeous old homes surrounded by majestic trees and lush gardens (neither of which are seen often in the city). It's an area about a half-mile outside of Harvard Square, and it has its share of history (e.e. cummings and Julia Child both lived there).

But there's one house in particular that has captured my imagination since the first day I saw it. It is an enormous stucco structure, sitting close to the road with a stone wall around the perimeter of its sizable yard. It's quite run-down and as has sat empty for years, but you can tell that it was once a glorious residence.

It reminds me of a manor home you would find in the French or English countryside...like so many I had stumbled upon in my travels through Europe, when you'd peek through iron gates on the side of the road and see a beautiful mansion set back at the end of a windy drive.


So I started to daydream about owning this house and restoring it to its former glory. I even went through the back gate to peek in the windows one time, and I saw the small cottage in the back yard that looked like someone's work room (there was an old table with a sewing machine still sitting on it), and a beautiful old sunroom on the back of the main house, with a black and white tiled floor. The kitchen had all kinds of custom cabinetry built into the walls. But for the most part the house sat empty, as it had for years, slowly deteriorating and literally falling apart (the garage doors hung off their frames).

I Googled the place a couple of years ago and found an old real estate listing showing it at around $4 million (if I remember correctly). Clearly not a place I'd be buying anytime soon, especially since it looked like it needed about another million worth of work! But two years passed and it sat untouched...for awhile a For Sale sign stood out front, and it saddened me a bit to think that someone else was going to buy "my house." A more recent Google search listed the property at $2.7 million, and noted it has 4,541 square feet, including 6+ bedrooms and 4.5 baths.

Ultimately, the sign came down and I thought the owners had just taken it off the market for a bit, since it hadn't sold for so long. But now I see a work crew has come in and completely gutted the house, so I guess there is a new owner in town. Dsc01307_2

I'll be anxious to see the improvements progress. I never did find any historical info on the house, and am still curious as to who lived there and how it fell into such a sorry state. If anyone who comes across this post has any info, please leave me a comment.



I loved reading about your house. Dad just read it and he feels badly for you losing your house. Just think though someone else loves it as much as you do and has the money to refurbish it back to its grand old self.

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