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Target Couture

Target_dogA couture line from Target?!

That's what Brandweek reported recently...that Target Corp. (one of my favorite places to shop) plans to launch its own line of couture clothing and jewelry that will be sold not at its own store, but at Intuition (another one of my favorite places to shop, but for different reasons).

Target isn't a stranger to designers, having introduced lines from Isaac Mizrahi and Liz Lange in recent years. But in those cases the merchandise is more affordable lines from high-end designers. But the Intuition line-up will include pieces costing up to $3000...well out of the range of the typical Target merchandise.

It's so interesting to see the lines blurring between luxury goods and mass merchandise. It's a topic that's come up around the office a lot lately...how historically "aspirational" brands like Coach and Cadillac have become much more mainstream, while an accessible brand like Target has become so cool that even consumers who don't need a bargain want to shop there.


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