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Spice & Rice

Spice_rice_2I finally paid a visit to Spice & Rice, a newish Asian fusion spot in Inman Square (in the old Sweet Chili space)...and it was great!

Their extensive menu offers a range of classic Thai, Japanese, and Korean dishes in a modern environment. We dined on fresh sushi, chicken pad thai and ok do bi bim bap (a sizzling pot topped with beef, veggies, and a raw egg). They also offer an exotic cocktail menu and full bar, all at extremely reasonable prices.

Add this to the growing list of ethnic eateries in and around Inman Square, including Ole Mexican Grill, Casa Portugal, Bukowski's Tavern & East Coast Grill (American), Magnolia's (Cajun), Cafe China and Montien (Thai), among others.


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