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MoobellaA Massachusetts start-up called Moobella is jumping on the on-demand craze with its mix-your-own ice cream vending machine. Taking the Cold Stone Creamery concept to the streets, Moobella machines have a touch-screen display that allows people to mix their own flavors (and mix-ins, like chocolate chips, peanut butter cups, and walnuts) in less than a minute. The menu updates in real time so that only available flavors are shown, and when one runs out a re-stocking request is automatically sent to headquarters.

While the web site doesn't list any retail locations (yet), this demo presented at the 2006 DEMO conference indicates that the privately-held company is seeking a fourth round of funding (to add to its $36 million to date) in order to introduce the machines to the Boston market some time this year. Moo.


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