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PSFK has posted an interview with Sacha Lewis, co-founder of "cultural destination" site Flavorpill. With a tip of the hat to Richard Florida's The Rise of the Creative Class, Lewis has set out to create an online collective of cultural news, reviews, and events. From the interview:

Richard Florida defined the concept of the Creative Class in his book 'The Rise Of The Creative Class' - this a group he estimates at over 40 million people in the US alone.  These are artists, publishers, designers, etc  who all use creativity in their work and often fuel economic and social trends to the mainstream.    This class is the driver of our community -they are engaged, want to participate and importantly they embrace technology. One of our goals at Flavorpill is to stimulate this community and eventually appeal and covert the mainstream. Publications like Flavorpill and PSFK are ahead of the curve - we're seen as thought leaders for the Creative Class so it is shared our opportunity to expand peoples minds with dynamic, quality content.

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