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Moshe_safdieThere is an unassuming brick building on my street, covered in ivy like so many others in New England. Out front is a simple sign that reads, "Moshe Safdie and Associates."

For nearly a year I passed by this building, noticing that it was some sort of office, and that workers seemed to be there at all hours, any given day of the week. When curiosity finally got the best of me, I Googled the name on the sign, and this is what I found:

Moshe Safdie is a world-reknowned architect. Born in Israel in 1938, he later moved with his family to Canada where he graduated from McGill University with a degree in Architecture in 1961. He has designed a wide range of structures, including residential complexes, cultural and civic centers, and public and academic institutions. Among them:

Over the years Safdie has taught at Yale, McGill, Ben Gurion University, and Harvard Graduate School of Design. He joined the latter in 1976, when he set up the nearby office where it remains today. He has also authored/edited several books, and there is an online archive of his work that is maintained by McGill University. Quite an impressive body of work!


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