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Radcliffe Denim

Radcliffe_skinny_jeanThere's a new entrant in the premium denim market, and its not just another pair of indigo threads with fancy stitching on the back pocket. Instead, Radcliffe Denim has exquisite details like fortune cookie messages embroidered in the waistband (reminiscent of Trovata).

Launched in April 2005 by London designer Suzy Radcliffe (whose boyfriend, Michael, is the CEO of successful online lingerie shop, Figleaves), the brand has risen to popularity due to its innovative designs. With a mission statement to "remove all the things that usually irritate women about their jeans" - like incorrect length and fabric that loses its shape - Radcliffe has created a line of specially-designed stretch denim (for lift) that is cut slightly higher in the back ("so no knickers are on show"). 

But the coolest features are HEELS2FLATS and STIRRUPS4BOOTS. The former provides each pair with an adjustable length via solid silver cufflinks that can be inserted into concealed holes inside the leg seams. The latter provides removable satin "stirrups" which keep pant legs from bunching up in this season's popular tucked-in-boot style.

Radcliffe Denim may be purchased online, here.



Unique way to wear cuff links.

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