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Google_logoBrandChannel's most influential brand of 2005 survey results are in, and this year's Global winner is Google. No surprise there, really; with its multitude of product launches over the last year (Google Mini, Desktop Search, Google Earth...) one may think there's nothing Google can't do (except maybe avoid the Bush administration subpoena). And what did we do before Google?!Apple_logo_1

Close on the heels of this mega-brand is Apple, creator of iPod Nation (iPod Shuffle, Nano, Video, iTunes...) and a previous year's winner. The final three in the top five - well behind the two leaders - are VOIP-provider Skype, brewmaster Starbucks, and furniture seller Ikea.

Each year, BrandChannel asks its readers (predominantly marketing professionals, although the survey is open to the public) to vote for the brands that had the most impact on them that year (good or bad). It's interesting to see the brands that come and go from year to year (Skype, for example, is a new entrant due to the recent popularity of VOIP). Detailed rankings by country/region are available on


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