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Jeanne Balsam

Xmas_card Some time ago, I came across the work of Jeanne Balsam, an New Jersey-based artist with a penchant for drawing animals - bulldogs and terriers in particular. I, of course, was drawn to her portraits of Frenchies...and to date have purchased two pieces of her work: a replica of Toulous-Letrac's "Jane Avril Dancing" that cleverly adds a black Frenchie to the foreground, Bafrenchielautrecswand my Christmas cards this year, which depict a Frenchie snowman.

Holding degrees in both Fine Arts and Psychoanalysis, Jeanne has run her own therapy practice as well as started an animal rescue league before returning to her art full time. And animals are still close to her heart: she donates 10% of all portrait income to her favorite animal charities.


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