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Plus_sizeThose who know me know how much I love clothes.

So imagine my surprise and delight when I saw a lot of traffic coming to my site via the search engines, based on the keywords "Stephanie Rogers clothing." I imagined there was a hot new label out there...the next Theory, Vince, or True Religion. With my name on it!

So I did a little searching of my own, and this is what I found: there is in fact a Sr_beach_shirt Stephanie Rogers clothing line. It's tough to locate - there doesn't seem to be a coporate website - but the determined shopper can find one-off pieces across the Web (like the great beach shirt pictured at right) and advertised in some regional  publications.

So, not the must-have line for '06, but flattering nonetheless ;)

Oh, and the stunning pink silk number (top left) is available on eBay - but hurry, bidding ends in 22 hours! Sr_on_sale_4


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