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Savenor's Market

Savenors_1 I am so exicited! The new Savenor's Market has finally (re)opened at 92 Kirkland Street, Cambridge!

Those familiar with the Somerville/Cambridge area just outside of Harvard Square might recall this gourmet grocery store which Julia Child made famous (she lived nearby, shopped there often, and frequently mentioned it in her PBS television show). It is run by 48-year-old Ron Savenor, whose immigrant parents started in family business in 1939.

Sadly, this culinary institution burned down in 1991, and Savenor relocated the business to 160 Charles Street in Boston, at the foot of Beacon Hill. In fact, the Beacon Hill shop served as my introduction to Savenor's, and I visited it often during my years living in the North End.

As for the Kirkland Street location, it was rebuilt and leased out to computer support retailer, while Savenor continued to run a successful wholesale business out of the back of the builiding, selling meats to high-end local restaurants like Radius and No. 9 Park.

But now with the reopening of the original retail location, Somerville and Cambridge foodies can enjoy the array of gourmet treats Savenor's has to offer, including:

  • High-quality fresh meats, including prime beef, lamb, pork, fowl and game (wild boar or Muscovy duck, anyone?!)
  • Pre-made meals and side dishes from No. 9 Park and The Butcher Shop
  • Baked goods from local favorites Dancing Deer Co. and Rosie's Bakery
  • Coffees, teas, herbs and exotic spices
  • Pates, cheeses, crudites, breads, gift baskets & platters
  • Produce, seafood, fresh cut flowers...the list goes on!Savenors2_1

Lastly, the store offers white-glove service, with friendly, knowledgeable staff and offers home delivery or curb-side pickup (for those too busy to park the car and go inside!).

Welcome back, Savenor's - this particular foodie prefers to shop in person. And, as Jed Gottlieb pronounced in his humorous review in Boston's Weekly Dig, "to all you Beacon Hill carnivores: relax, you still get to keep your Charles Street store. Everybody wins. Except the Muscovy ducks."



My mom just alerted me to an article about Savenor's in today's Boston Globe that pointed out something I'd overlooked: Julia Child autographed the sidewalk in front of the Cambridge store, where it reads "Bon Appetit - J.C." in rather large letters. I've walked over that sidewalk a hundred times and never noticed it until now.


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