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Nordstrom Silverscreen

Retailer Nordstrom has taken an innovative new approach to pushing its wares: it has created a broadband entertainment channel dubbed Nordstrom Silverscreen which features designer clothing, shoes and handbags all available for sale at Silverscreen

Where's the innovation? All of Nordstrom's merchandise appears within old-school music videos (think Culture Club's I'll Tumble 4 Ya and the Go Go's Our Lips are Sealed) that have been re-mixed to include a new cast of characters who are all dolled up in today's latest fashions.

Created by Fallon and delivered via Maven Network's video player, the application delivers DVD-quality content to your desktop. Users simply visit to download the player, and receive monthly notifications when new content becomes available. Fallon is also promoting the service via Nordstrom's opt-in email list and in select other channels.

Silverscreen2Users can watch the video, see behind-the-sceens clips from its making, and interact with the merchandise in the "mixing room" - where they can mix and match outfits and send to a friend. It's a fun way to combine music, fashion and technology to engage prospective shoppers; what's more, viewers are just a click away from purchasing the items featured in the video directly from


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