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Domino Magazine Inspirations

Domino Magazine has a great feature called Inspirations where they find ideas for room decor based on a painting or favorite outfit, for example. Lady_agnew_2

In the November 2005 issue, the editors turned to John Singer Sargeant's painting of Lady Agnew, at right, as inspiration for an "aristocratic but livable bedroom that is similarly elegant without being too proper."

How did they do it? Lady Agnew's white, billowy dress inspired the central focus of the room - a luxe white bed ensemble with ruffled pillows. Her lilac sash is represented by curtain tiebacks, while the bluish background in the painting is transformed into ornate blue wallpaper in the bedroom. Black laquered furniture - a bureau and side table - ad to the dark, moody image in the portrait. Lastly, they added silhouettes to the mantle to represent the lady herself, and a floral bedspread like the chair she's sitting in.

I love the end result - take a peek:



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