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Saab: Born from Jets

Saab_bfjThe new Born from Jets campaign from Saab USA is sooo stylish, putting the brand in an edgy yet sophisticated light at a time when it really needs to connect with a broader audience and sell more vehicles. Created by Lowe, Born from Jets reintroduces us to Saab's heritage...a vehicle lineup born from the minds of 16 aeronautical engineers whose designs were inspired by jets rather than cars.

The television ad is really what caught my eye - or should I say ear: it's amazing what a soundtrack can do. In this case, Paul Oakenfold's Ready, Steady, Go thunders through the speakers while beautiful running footage of the vehicle rolls with jets flying overhead. For me, this use of audio to support a certain image harkens back to Lincoln's use of of Mr. Scruff's music a few years back(probably the first time I ever noticed a Lincoln ad) and Cadillac's turnaround accompanied by Led Zeppelin.

I know from reading all the industry rags that the campaign has gotten some negative feedback; but at a minimum it's gotten people to sit up and take notice...which in part is what advertising is supposed to do. The image campaign was designed to raise awareness of the European brand, and will focus on performance, technology and even fuel efficiency as the ad blitz plays out.

To view the ad, click here (thanks, Dan Palka); there's an accompanying web site at www.bornfromjets.com.

[Disclaimer: I'm a Saab owner, and my employer does marketing work for the brand, but I was not involved in the development of this campaign.]


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