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December 03, 2005


Stephanie Rogers

Thanks for the comment, Ken. This post continues to be one of my most popular - people are just fascinated by the Round House. I haven't driven by there in awhile so I'm not sure of its current state, but I do hope someone restores it at some point.

Kenneth R Figueira

I remember this house being listed in Ripleys believe it or not.It stated that the house was built without corners, because the builders wife was frightened of ghosts.It stated that Ghosts hide in corners.This is the same story I heard as a child growing up in Somerville in the 40s' and fifties.

Sara S.

Stephanie, I just found this! I'm so happy to learn about the Round House- I drive by it every now and then, and every time I do- I feel like I've rediscovered a lost castle! It has a magical and mysterious feel about it. I hope they restore it before it's too late.


The Roundhouse has been bought and is will undergo renovation and restoration in the near future. It will be turned into a single family home.


1997 was ten years ago - maybe someone should try this cuckoo owner again! I have been tracking this place for 5 years and I can't believe all the people that come across and fall in love with its mystery. This place could be saved!!


Great write-up! The more people find out about the dire state of this wonderful house, the better chance it has of being saved. There's nothing so frustrating as watching a magnificent and unique building fall victim to neglect.


Just stumbled across this...I am suddenly obsessed with knwoing all i can about this house that i live so very very close to- thanks for all of the links!


It was listed for rent several years back; I was interested, but it was too expensive for me. It might have lame tenants, or maybe it's not in shape for tenants anymore.

Jeremi Karnell

Nice write up Steph! It really is sad that the current owners of the Round House have left in such a state of disrepair. I am all for the City of Somerville claiming Condemnation via eminent domain to save this very interesting piece of New England history.

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